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Protecting your details via encrypted email

There are times when we need to discuss your account with you by email, however this is not a secure communication channel.

For this reason, we will send you an encrypted email using ‘Cisco® Recipient Envelope Service (CRES)’ a secure communication service.

Read more about CRES.

You can rest assured that any encrypted emails you receive from Fidelity International are legitimate and that all links and attachments are safe to open. However, you should call us if you have concerns.

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Recognising, opening and registering for encrypted email

We will usually communicate with you before we send an encrypted email, so you know to expect it.

The encrypted part of the message arrives in an attachment within a notification email. To view it, you will need to download the attachment.

First time users will need to register their email ID. There will be a link in the email for you to do this.

Read our email encryption guide

Times when we’d send an encrypted email to you include:

  • Responding with relevant account details after you’ve contacted us first
  • Sending forms or documents to you containing personal information
  • Asking for documents to verify your name, address and bank details as part of anti-money laundering procedures.

*We can't accept documents or completed forms by secure email for onshore members