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Backup Employee Remote Access

Each region has different links available to connect remotely in the event of an incident, that effects the general remote access link, and for testing purposes. These should only be used upon instruction by TechHub or an incident communication.

Select the region closest to you to log into your Fidelity desktop remotely.

Alternative remote access solution

In the event of being inaccessible, is still available as an alternative solution for remote access.

Required software


Download the Citrix workspace app

This lets you access your virtual desktop, from your own device.


Download the Zoom VDI plugin

This lets you access Zoom audio and video when connecting remotely.


Get an anti-virus software

This is a prerequisite for remote access, and helps to protect your device and keep Fidelity’s data secure.

Get support

New joiner at Fidelity?

Explore our new starter guidance here.

Logging in remotely for the first time?

Use these step-by-step guides.

Still stuck?

Contact the TechHub for additional support.