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Choose your location (alternative remote access) guidance


  1. Apply for MobilePass+ through TechHub Toolbox and set up on your mobile device,
  2. Download Pulse Secure and Citrix Workspace from the App Store,
  3. Open Pulse Secure and tap 'Please Add a Connection',
  4. Enter connection name as 'Fidelity' and the URL as '',
  5. Tap 'Add' in the lower right corner,
  6. Open Citrix Workspace and tap 'Add Account',
  7. Enter click here to find URL into the address field then tap 'Next',
  8. Enter your corporate login details, then enter 'INTL' into the field labelled 'Domain',
  9. Tap 'Log On',
  10. When prompted to select a store, select 'BYO',
  11. Congratulations, you are now set up.


  1. Open Pulse Secure and tap 'Connect' under the Fidelity connection,
  2. When prompted, enter your corporate details,
  3. Leaving the third field blank but without continuing, exit the Pulse Secure application,
  4. Open MobilePass+ and copy the generated six-digit 'One Time Pin',
  5. Open Pulse Secure and paste the six-digit pin into the third field that was previously left empty,
  6. Tap 'Sign In' and wait to connect,
  7. Open Citrix Workspace,
  8. Select your VDI and connect.